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martedì 17 maggio 2011


Hello my name is Peter from Liverpool,
I finally found a site that can give me an explanation of a personal dream that has now become a nightmare.
We are on the beach with my girlfriend, it's very hot and we have no umbrella, we lie on the sand when we convince ourselves that it would be better a cold drink, we get up but I am alone in the middle of the desert, surrounded by small scorpions . I start crying  and run, I meet my father who was sucked into the sand then my mother up a ladder, shes crying out loud but the rain is very noisy and I have to stop the car because I do not see anything, get down from the car and then I find myself in quicksand,  to save me my girlfriend then I find myself on the beach where she cuts me my veins and drinkthe blood, I wake up and are lying next to her on the beach but then nothing else.


I will try to explain the feeling that these words tell me; I would also like to assure you that my sensations are only my sensation and cannot be taken as the only answer.

Your dream that has become a nightmare should give faith and trust of all the things that surround you in this moment of your life, are the best and all that you want, afraid that someone or something could change things.

You feel the heat that means hard work for maintain and defends you’re world; the scorpions are all the small problems that may worry ,you’re father would sacrifice himself for you, the mother that cries out loud will always look out for dangers that could do you arm even if she doesn’t give to see. The rain will clean all the discussions and the drinking of your blood after cutting you’re veins gives proof of how much you are important for the woman that lays there and she will be always there.
Hope that my words confirm the real and beautiful life your living.

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